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About Walk-n-Roll

Held annually in 40+ communities nationwide, Walk-n-Roll is Cure SMA’s largest event dedicated to fundraising and awareness for the spinal muscular atrophy community. 

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How To Participate

  • Join the Movement

    Join the Movement

    Start or join a team and invite others to Walk-n-Roll with you. Not seeing an event near you? Create your own team with Walk-n-Roll USA.

  • Start fundraising and spread the word

    Ask for Support

    Cure SMA makes fundraising easy with tools like Facebook Fundraising, and a Fundraiser Portal full of resources.

  • Celebrate with Us!

    Celebrate with Us

    Join us at our Walk-n-Roll and celebrate the collective impact our community is making for the SMA Community!

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Your Fundraising Dollars at Work

  • Fund Breakthroughs

    Fund Breakthroughs

    Every dollar raised with Cure SMA's events helps grow research, care, advocacy, and support programs that the SMA community depends on. We will ensure everyone with SMA –from infants to adults– have the chance to live a full and productive life.

  • Change Lives

    Change Lives

    Thousands of individuals with SMA and their families receive support and access Cure SMA resources each year. With the passionate support from people like you, we can meet the ever-changing needs of all people with SMA.

  • Empower the Community

    Empower the Community

    Events across the country bring together people from coast-to-coast to raise awareness and build community. Whether you have a direct connection to SMA or not, everyone is invited to make a difference by fundraising for Cure SMA!

Cure SMA Story Spotlight

College Try:

Joe's Story

Joe is 20 years old and entering his junior year of college at Seton Hall, studying computer science and data analytics. Ideally, he would like to become a video game designer. Last year was Joe’s first time living on-campus and the experience of living independently for the first time is one of the best things to happen to him. 

However, that doesn’t mean that college and transitioning to a life of more independence has been easy for Joe. He’s faced battles receiving the accommodations he needed in a class, as well as difficulties being able to participate in social activities, like fraternity mixers, which are held in non-accessible buildings. 


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Mighty River:

River's Story

River, meaning a large natural stream of water flowing, is a fitting name for an active boy full of energy and excitement. Dee describes River as “a typical three-year-old boy outside of him not walking.” River loves to pop wheelies in his wheelchair and cruise around wearing a superhero cape. He loves to exert his independence and is firmly in the toddler, “I want to do it myself phase.” 

Despite his desire for independence, River’s mother, Dee, has been his world since his birth. “It’s just been River and me. I’m a single, working parent,” says Dee. “River was born in February 2020, a month before the world shut down due to COVID-19, which meant that we were almost immediately isolated. It was hard in general being a new mom and to add COVID on top of it was an extra challenge.” 

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Making Meaning:

Sarah's Story

In Sarah Manuel’s career as a school psychologist, she mentors elementary, middle, and high school students as they navigate everyday challenges in life and education. Though it took time and self-acceptance, she is confident that living with SMA helps her relate to students on a deeper level. “Just because there are limits that a diagnosis places on someone doesn’t mean it reaches every aspect of your life. There’s so much more that you can do than what you can’t,” she shared. 

According to doctors, Sarah was not supposed to live past early childhood. “I like to say that I’m 40 years past my expiration date. I fully celebrate my birthday and enjoy recognizing my age because it feels like such a gift.”  

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