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Partners & Sponsors

Partners & Sponsors

There are many opportunities for your company to make a difference thorough Walk-n-Roll.

Companies and organizations can join Cure SMA and our Walk-n-Roll program to collectively amplify the influence of your business and purpose. Through collaboration with us, you can empower, educate, and innovate to help create breakthroughs in the spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) community.  

Your support enables Cure SMA to make significant strides in research, improve comprehensive care and support for those impacted, and implement risk reduction strategies, all while ensuring the achievement of your company‚Äôs strategic objectives. Initiate a discussion today to explore the possibilities of becoming a national corporate partner and making a substantial difference in the SMA community. 

  • Targeted Exposure: Walk-n-Roll offers your company the opportunity to target responsive audiences and build equity with a proven brand at a national, regional, or local level 
  • Community Commitment: Sponsors have a unique opportunity to impact the success of the event while displaying commitment to the SMA community 
  • Tailored Packages: Cure SMA offers mutually beneficial sponsorship packages with a wide range of rewards for participating companies and organizations 

Become a Sponsor

  • Encourage Team Spirit! Large and small companies, businesses, and organizations can form teams to participate in the Walk-n-Roll program 
  • Organizations with multiple locations in the U.S. and Canada can create a unified National Team 
  • Benefits of Participation: Building a Walk-n-Roll team can enhance employee morale, foster teamwork, increase visibility for products or services, generate goodwill in the community, and support employees affected by SMA

  • Fundraising Amplification: Check if your employer is already part of our matching gifts system to potentially double or triple your fundraising dollars overnight. Click below to see if your company matches donations. 

Double Your Donation