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Why We Walk-n-Roll

Why We Walk-n-Roll 

Walk-n-Roll raises funds to support our SMA community, advance breakthrough care, and expand our advocacy efforts.

Cure SMA leads the way to a world where everyone impacted by spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is empowered to lead independent, successful, and fulfilling lives. We strive to create a community where every individual is heard and feels welcomed. Cure SMA provides practical support programs for our community and advocates for their needs. We fund and direct comprehensive research that drives breakthroughs in treatment and we advance access to high-quality care. We will not stop until we have a cure! 


Expanding our basic research programs means looking at different therapeutic approaches to help teens and adults with SMA gain back strength and self-sufficiency. It also means we’ll collaborate with researchers and our community to advance combination therapies and track progress through biomarkers.



Advocacy programs leverage the collective strength of our SMA community to make real changes in important policies, such as transportation, accessible medical equipment, and employment and financial security. These programs include tools to help us better connect with elected leaders, education around key SMA issues, and direct advocacy opportunities on Capitol Hill for our advocates.



High-quality care for all individuals with SMA is imperative to our mission. We are focusing on expanding our SMA Care Center Network and Registry to create robust evidence to improve and increase access to care regardless of geographic location.